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3D Skull Tapestry

What's a dorm room without the Skull Tapestry ?

100% cotton tapestry
Made in India

Dorm room tapestries like our 3D Skull Tapestry have a variety of uses.
They include:
1.) On your dorm bed. (fits twin XL beds as an extra sheet or decor covering)
2.) On your wall. (gives your walls more look and texture than posters)
3.) Over your window blinds. (Sunlight in dorm rooms can get bright and with our tapestries you'll reduce your room sunlight and increase your weekend sleep)
4.) To cover the bottom bunk. (Students on the bottom bunk can create privacy by hanging our tapestries from the bunk bed. This will create a covering between your bed and the rest of the dorm room.)

60" x 90"

Authentic Indian Tapestry, Wall Hanging, Curtain, Bed Spread, Table Cover
Perfect gift for any deadhead student!

regular price: $44.15 sale price: $31.99
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