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EZL Ultra-Thin Media Stand

You've got your iPhone, Touch, Droid or whatever you are using for some portable fun. Now what? Do you prop it up against a book and hope it doesn't fall? Do you just hold it? Do you lay it flat and look down on it? No, No and No. You grab an EZL and now you can have some real fun. This is an independent stand for portable multi-media Devices. It's compatible with Video iPods, Zen Vision M, Zune, Zen W, and most other Portable Multi-media Devices. Get yours now.


- Unprecedented compact at just 1/4" in thickness when folded
- Compatible with ezSkins and most other MP3 cases
- Non-skid pads keep your iPod onthe EZL and your EZL on the table.

Available EZL Ultra-Thin Media Stand Options:
Colors: Black, White
(Options not shown in the drop down list below are out of stock or on backorder.)
regular price: $9.65 sale price: $6.99
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