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6-Outlet Smart Surge Strip w 1 Always-on Outlet

This 6-outlet surge protector activates four outlets when you turn on your computer, saving electricity while it is off. It also Includes a telephone cable, which will come in handy once you move out of the dorm to an off campus house.

When it comes to protecting your $1,000+ worth of tech equipment you'll want to ensure that you don't cut corners. With our 6-Outlet Smart Surge Strip you'll have superior coverage and multiple outlets for all your corded items.


- Single "always-on" outlet
- 2 spaced outlets for AC adapters
- 4 outlets turn on when PC fires up

Product Specifications:
- Rating: 15A/125V AC/1875W
- Clamping voltage: 330V
- Response: <1 nanosecond
- Max. energy: 1080 Joules
- Max. current (one time): 72,000A
- EMI/RFI filtration: Yes
- Fax/Modem protection: Yes
- Outlets/cord length: 6/6'

regular price: $32.42 sale price: $23.49
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